We have more than 60 NetWare 6.0/6.5 SP5 servers. For political reasons
there are no quotas on disk/pool space.
It happens sometimes that pool space explodes and we have to add space
We have of cause some watch programs (native Novell and proprietary), but
they say only that the space on one server
is under the threshold and keeps going down. Generally it happens when
someone is copying huge amounts of data on the server.
These programs (Novell Remote Manager, Monitor.nlm and others) do not
indicate WHO is copying, unfortunately.
Sometimes, we have to check manually user connexions in order to see who is
writting bytes to the pool. But you
can guess that with more than 500 connexions it takes time!

I would like to ask you if you know programs and/or means (natives Novell
NetWare or proprietary) that will quickly (!)
show you WHO is copying files to a pool.

Thanks in advance.