We are running 3 NW 6.5 SP3 servers, most workstations are Win XP Pro,
client 4.91 SP1

We have only had a single server in the past. Recently added a 2nd and 3rd
server to the tree. I need to map a drive for users to a volume on the
second server. All other mapped drives are to volumes on the 1st server.

I tried adding a line in the login script:


but logging in gives me an error:

LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-430: The following drive mapping operation could not be
The error code was 3456.

I can see this in explorer and can Novell Map the volume to S, but I need
this to happen for users at login. Even if the S map is persistent, I get
the error logging back in and the dialog box needs a close.

I'm hoping I have the syntax wrong???