I have a really weird issue here. I have a NW 6.0SP5 environment. When
in ConsoleOne I have a server object for a server that does not exist.
We'll call this Server1. When I try to delete the object I get the
'unable to delete the server while its up'. Server1 does not exist so
it is not up. I checked the replica ring and the server does not
exist. I then checked all servers known to the database from my master
replica server which we will call Server2 and the server is listed.
When I check the properties of the both servers through ConsoleOne I
find something very interesting. Under the General tab the Network
Address is listed as follows(I used different #'s to hide the IP
address but the point is still the same):

Server1 (Non existent server)
IPX: 22002021:000000000001:0451; TCP:; UDP:;

When I look at the same information on Server2 I have the following
listed(I used different #'s once again to hide the IP address but the
point is still valid):

IPX: 22002021:000000000001:0451; TCP:; UDP:;;;;;;;
ldap://; ldaps://;;;

1st please ignore the fact that we still have IPX loaded here. I am
trying to get rid of it. However if you look at the IPX address they
are the same on both servers. The IPX and IP address info on Server2
is correct. This is our master replica server that is up and running
fine. However the IPX address on Server1 shows up as the same as
Server2. I am guessing that is why I am not able to delete the Server1
object through ConsoleOne. NDS thinks the server is up and running
because of the IP Address. Anybody have any idea how to correct this
so I can delete the Server1 object?




Jonathan Jenkins