hi, Guys:
I have a problem which troubles me long long time ago. I really wish
someone here can give me a hand.
I am using Netware 6.5 and xp sp1, xp sp2 as clients in my network.
Sometimes, some of computers have the issue with username. We are using a
software called "InGot" which helps us to manage the Internet management.
The inGot will get the username should be "a network username" which has
CN,OU,etc. However, from some machines, inGot only get local username
(IT-TEST\TESTUSER) instead of network username.
I have another Intranet website running in the Lan. This intranet website
will read the same network username to identify user. On some machines, the
intranet still reads the same local username instead of network name. I
wonder anyone here can help me.
Thank you again.