I know this is the wrong group, but i cant fint the right group for SLES,
so i hope someone have som SLES-experience.

I've installed SLES10 32bits and want to run IDM3.5 on it. For this i need
Apache2, Tomcat4 and iManager to be able to manage IDM.

I've installed eDir8.8.1

Apache is standard on SLES, but not the right Tomcat. Tomcat4 i can't find
it anware for SLES.
iManager is dependet on right setup with Apache and Tomcat.

So have anyone manage to make iManager2.6 to work on SLES10 w/eDir8.8.1?

I did try to install iManager, but is says Apache must support SSL. I try
to set up SSL on Apache, but it want work. Here is my status today!

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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