I have a really quick question ..about the SEND Broadcast command.

We are a NW6 (SP5) house (running Both IPX/IP still) and I would like to
make sure that everytime we decide to shut down a NW server that the
technician sends out a broadcast message from the servers screen, to all
users connected.
I used to use this command all the time when I was at another company, but
I find that this command does not seem to work at my present job ...
Is there any reason why someone could not receive a server send broadcast
if they where authenticated to the said server .....(and the client is
setup with default settings) ??
My boss says that he has disabled the command at the server due to POS
(point of sale) machines that will get the pop up which he does not want
happening ...
I have looked at the config of the server(s) and the set parameters but
cannot see where he might have turned this function off ...
All of our workstations have the ability to receive broadcast messages
turned on ...
I have searched the web and Novell's site for set commands etc ... but
cannot find anything related to server disabled send broadcasts ...

Any help with this would be great !!!


Paul Jamieson
email: pjamieson628@rogers.com