Right now, to familiarize myself with Novell, I am doing the CNA study
guide for NetWare 6. I'm up to the point where I have basically installed
everything on the NetWare server. I am, though, having some problems and
hoped that someone can help me so that I can become more familiar with
procedures for fixing said problems since I've been a Microsoft initiate
only for almost 20 years.

The server is currently utilizing Netware 6.0d.

(The below is only a local server not attached to the internet and not a
production server. It is only being used for my training purposes)

1. As per the book's instructions, I set up the DNS service with the host
name of WHITE-SRV1 at domain ACME.COM. I am attempting to use my current
server as my DNS server with a local IP of (as per the
lessons in the book). The system cannot validate and resolved said HOST
NAME to the SERVER IP of

2. I have hooked up a CAT 5e cable between the NIC's on the server and a
PC to attempt a logon from the PC. The PC is unable to find the server,
tree and context on the server. I am, though, able to log in through
Console One on the server itself through the GUI desktop. It shows
everything is in order through E-directory (ver 8.5) with the server,
tree, and context. I am also able to go through the console and it shows
the server's name at the prompt.

The book I am using is "CNA Study Guide for NetWare 6" by David James
Clarke IV. If someone could assist in the above or point me in a
direction with resources, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if possible, could I actually chat with someone who is knowledgeable
in the area of NetWare admiinistration so if I have questions, it can be
done live. One could e-mail me on that one.

Again, your assistance and guidance are greatly appreciated and I'm
enthused to learn a new NOS.


Kevin Butler