As part of my "training", I am using a non-production server that I have
installed NetWare 6.0d on. The book I am using is "CNA Study Guide for
NetWare 6" by David James Clarke IV and this is one of their exercises.
This is the main problem:

As per the book's instructions, I set up the DNS service with the host
name of WHITE-SRV1 at domain ACME.COM. I am attempting to use my current
server as my DNS server with a local IP of (as per the
lessons in the book). The system cannot validate and resolved said HOST
NAME to the SERVER IP of In other words, I can connect to
the server and various ports and screens via IP but not via host
name.domain. How do I fix this problem?

This computer is not hooked into any network nor is it connected to the
internet. It is basically this server and a PC directly attached to it
that make up the network.

Also, how do I set up from a static IP (which I set up in on the PC) to a
DHCP issued information from the server.

Thank you for your patience and help,

Kevin Butler