I have a netware 6.5sp5 os5a patched server with 2GB of RAM. If I am reading the numbers correctly, I notice in NoRM (which seems only slightly different than numbers in seg) that I have about 1GB for NLM memory. Virtual memory is at 21MB and the file system cache has a little over 1/3 GB. I read that 95% of nlms get their memory from the virtual memory cache rather than the file system cache. If my NLMs are using almost 1GB but my virtual memory cache is 21MB, will this cause the "cache allocator out of available memory" messages?

Should I modify these allocations so I quit getting the cache memory allocator errors. I am not 100% sure that I don't have an nlm memory leak but I am monitoring it. Also, i have 735MB listed under "available memory" in seg and norm. Does this number represent memory that is not allocated to either the virtual memory cache or the file cache, but that could be allocated by the OS when needed to either pool? (trying to discern if the console messages about memory are bogus or if memory really cannot be remapped when needed).

This is happening on 3 different servers of the same netware version/patch level.