Hi people,

We have just upgraded from a Novell 5.11 server with NWFS volumes to a 6.5
server clusert using an NSS pool volume.

We run a windows database application that locks files to allow concurent
multi user access to them (a bit like dbase).

When we were using nwfs we could see that the files were locked and who by
from the novell console monitor, however since we have upgraded to NSS we
cannot see these locks at all from novell.

We can see from our windows clients that the files are locked, but because
we cannot see from the novell server we cant see which users have the
files locked.

We used to use a tool called whohasit to see who had a particular file
locked, but as novell cant see the locks this does not work anymore.

Does anyone have any idea if we can get novell to see the locks again? Or
why it may be happening.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.