I'm running NetWare 6.5 SP6 with BorderManager 3.8 SP4. I am able to navigate to Novell Remote Manager when I am at my office by going to http://server_ip_address:8008 or https://server_ip_address:8009 , however, when I try to access this from the internet I get the "page cannot be displayed" error.

The server has to NICs, one public and one private. IPFLT is NOT loaded on the server. I am able to access other resources such as iPrint, NetStorage, and iManager from the public/internet side.

There is a router that sits in between the internet and the sever, however, the server's IP is set at the DMZ server in the router's configuration.

Should I automatically be able to access NRM from the public side? Or is it disabled on the public side by default?

Thanks for the help,