We have
Novell NW6.5 sp4
NWClient 4.91 sp3
WinXP Pro sp2
Netgear unmanaged 10/100 switch

We are a school with students in a lab.
They are learning to use Dreamweaver.
When the save their DW files to their home directory on the network the
files appear to be saved however the next day the files are not in their

Each student has their own home directory with exclusive rights.
I have watched students set up DW to manage their files and they are setup
correctly. I have watched them do a save and a save-as to make sure files
are being saved to the correct location. Next day, they are gone.
I check to Salvage files and they are not in the deleted files list.
I have checked with DW experts and they say there is no auto-delete
They say that having multiple users on the same machine should have no
affect as long as each user is setting up their own managed files list and
directory structure.

Any suggestions as to where I should be looking to resolve this?