When attempting to create or modify a Universal Password Policy on my
Netware 6.5sp6 Imanager 2.6 server I'm receiving the following error.

"(Error -603) The requested attribute could not be found. In the
Directory, if an attribute does not contain a value then the attribute
does not exist for the specific object. "

I can't seem to find a TID related to that plugin having this problem.
I'm working as the Admin user of the entire tree who is the collection
owner and I've even manually assigned the user to the password plugin role.

I've checked NDS, Time is in Sync, all Replicas are in sync and an
Unattended full doesn't show an errors.

My primary Imanager server is on a server that doesn't have R/W copies
of the partitions but this hasn't been a problem in the past.

Anyone have any ideas?