I'm trying to get Apache2 on NW6.5 to run with a public generated
certificate, but Apache is not reacting when accessing on https anymore.

I've created the CSR with C1, received the certificate and imported it
into the KMO. Validating the certificate works fine. Then I've modified
SYS:Apache2confhttpd.conf to point to the new certificate object:
SecureListen 443 "SSLNewCertificate"

Apache is loading fine, TCPCON tells me the server is listening on https,
but accessing from a browser just gives me "Page cannot be displayed".
Nothing reported on server screen nor in log files. I feel kind of lost.

Have gone through a bunch of TIDs and other documents, but none talks
about apache not responding. So I hope someone here could help me out.

Patrick FrontÚri