I actually have had an incident opened with Novell regarding this that
just slowly ....died...

Previous findings;
Running Jumboframes in a network works Gr8, speed and everything OK
except for the majority of NW related tools;

Nw6.0 Portal = OK
NW6.5 Portal = NOT ok,
C1 = not ok
iManger= not OK,
dhcp console = Not ok,
So,, my "job" to go further with the incident with Novell was to
supply saved packet traces from my client PC with;
1. jumbo enabled on client
2. jumbo disable on client

Anyway,, go tired of shipping big zips...,since It was me doing all
the work and testing,,

Big Issue and more evidence to my suspicion;

On a whole different network, 5 servers in their LAN,
1 master replica
3 read/write
1 server without a replica.

Everything LOOKS ok, but ANY connection to the server without any
replica fails if jumboframes are enabled on the server.

It is enough to disable Jumboframes on that server without a replica
to make everything work OK again.

So,, 5 servers, Jumbo=9104 speed and all gr8,, except for the fact
that the replica-less server can't do anything DS.
Can't map, can't login, can NOT browse through portal,etc,,etc
since the login fails. Rconag6 works together with ping, but that's it

simply removing the the jumbo=9104 and reboot again all connections

Anway with any good insights into this ?