We have just migrated from Novell 4.11 to latest 6.5 and with it we
got PHP and Apache. I am a PHP programmer so I wanted to find out if I
can fetch informations from new eDirectory structure. No problem with
LDAP. With it I can fetch users and groups (with info wich users is in
wich group). With this info I would be able to create a nice view of
all the users and in wich groups they belong. Only thing missing is a
way to view wich group/user has wich rights on diffrent volumes.

I can find this info with LDAP searching so I am guessing I need a
diffrent approach. Maybe with UCS:UCX? Closes to volumes I can with
UCS('UCX:volumemgr') from wich I can fetch volume free space. But not
the right to file or folders to the tree.

So if anyone here knows if this can be done via PHP I would be very

Kind regards,
Andrej Kralj, Slovenia