I am trying to provide a convenient web page to allow my users to reset
their passwords. The page created in Virtual Office seemed ideal.
However, it doesn't work. I have found a few TIDs regarding this, but
none of them seem to have a definitive answer.

The error message I get is:
Forgotten Password

Error: Error: Could not complete request.
Forgotten Password feature not available for user.
Username: testuser

Return to Login Page
I am able to reset this user's password via the client with 4.91 sp3
without any problems.

I have checked my password policy assignments, etc. and everything seems
to be in order.

My environment is thus: nw65sp6, virtual office 1.61, edir 8739. I am
going to apply the security updates for NMAS, etc. but I haven't done that

Any help is greatly appreciated.