Hi all,

I hope this is the right forum.

We've put in place a helpdesk for our company. We would like these users
to be able to reset passwords, unlock acounts (that are in intruder
lockout) and reset GroupWise passwords.

I've been going through the newgroups and documentation on how to do this
with ConsoleOne or iManager. I know this is an old issue, but there just
dosen't seem to be a definitive solution.

In ConsoleOne I've found out how to enable the nds password reset by
adding a trustee with the property "Password Management" ACL (as
mentionned in TID 10015319) but I do not know witch property to add in
order to allow my junior admins to reset the "intruder lockout" nor the
Groupwise password.

I've then started to look at Role based Services in iManager...with no

Has Anybody been through this scenario and/or have any suggestions?