I'm new to NW6.5 so maybe I'm missing something obvious, but as part of the
Novell OES lab I setup a password policy with Universal Password enabled,
and as part of that lab you add an OU to the policy assignment list. In
some side testing of my own I wanted a user that was in a separate OU (same
level) to have the same password policy assigned so I added him. However it
looks like the UP setting is not taking? I say this because if for one of
the users in the OU that was added, if I try to in the password change
screen to check simple password it'll tell me I can't because UP is enabled
(as expected). However if I try to do the same for that single user in the
other OU, it doesn't tell me this (I also set the UP for that user).
However if I add the other's users entire OU to the password policy, it
works fine (stops me because UP is enabled). If I remove the OU and just
leave the user in the policy assignment, it's not working (doesn't stop me).

NW6.5SP6 with 90 day eval running (still within 90 days).

This is probably not a huge issue for me as I can't see needing this based
on my NW5.1 production which (hopefully) I'll be migrating later, but on the
off chance that I do need it was wondering how I'm to properly do it (or if
it's a known bug - but I didn't see a TID).