I am getting Failed Login Attempts by Administrator from my server's IP
address when I try to access NetStorage.

Everything on the client side looks great. User can login, access the lists
created in iManager, etc. That's all perfect. However, if I check the
server health via NRM, I am getting a ton of failed login attempts, roughly
two every time you access the list/folders.

Example: Login as myself, no problem, no errors. When I try to access the
USER volume, it comes up perfectly in NetStorage, I can access files,
download them, etc. However if I check NRM Health, when I accessed the
USERS directory, I got 2 Failed Login Attempts by Administrator. Does this
for all users regardless of status, it always documents a failed login by
the user.

I know I have a couple issues where the server name isn't correct. Instead
of mail.mydomain.org it's listing SERVER_NAME.mydomain.org. I changed all
the conf files I could find in Apache, but something is still not correct
and I can't find it. Could that be causing this Failed Login Attempt or is
something else wrong?

There wasn't a NetStorage forum, but I wasn't sure if this should go here or