When trying to set up dhcp services the other day i read about something
called dns-dhcp locator object. So i started checking how it looks in our
organisations tree. And ofcourse it is placed faaaaaar down the tree in
some obscure context. Anyway so i read about moving this object and
recreate the object and group so it's easier to maintain and adding people
to the dns-dhcp group so they also have rights to add dns/dhcp services.
We run only netware 6.5 servers in the tree and when reading on the
knowledgebase all i can find about this is to NOT do the instructions for
moving the object on a netware 6.5 server since it will remove ALL groups
through the entire tree...

10090272: Do not run DNIPINST -r on a NW6.5 server

Anyone ever tried to move the locator object and know of a solution?