In article <MoFtc.576$>, says...
> WS1 opens a Excel spreadsheet xxx.xls.
> WS2 opens the same spreadsheet xxx.xls and gets the FILE IN USE: xxx.xls is
> locked for editing by "USERNAME", Readonly | Notify | ETC message.
> If I then try to use MONITOR | FILE OPEN / LOCK ACTIVITY screen to see who
> has the file open I get thrown back to the Monitors AVAILIBLE OPTIONS
> screen as soon as I hit enter on the subdirectory the file is in.
> We have tried copying the diectory and contents closer to the root
> directory but same problem occours.
> I have a product called server manager 4 by addrem and this will show the
> file as locked but refuses to show who's got it locked.

If you have yet to find a solution to this issue, you might try our new
NodeMaster utility as it should be able to isolate the user who opened
the file and mode it was opened in.

For more information on NodeMaster and to download a fully functional
evaluation copy to try it, visit:

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Steve Meyer
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(Develoeprs of NodeMaster and TaskMaster)

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