Newbie question here,
Netware 6.5 in a mixed windows/mac/linux enviroment.Never had an issue
with the netware server but it also has never worked quite right since i
inherited it.
Netware client logs in fine, mounts drives, share well, persmissions OK.
Have mac services setup correctly as far as i can tell but cannot login
(check the cleartext/simple passwords setting all are OK) any thought on
what i'm missing?

- My real question- Should i be able to browse "My network places" on a PC
and login to the server that way? It show up as FS-W (Which i always
assumed was File server(the name of our server) - Windows. When i
double-click on it it prompts me for a name and a password but never
accepts my input, just kicks right back to the username/password box.
Is ther a place to go to configure this? is logging in this way even a

Sorry for my novice level, netware has changed quite a bit since i last
laid hands on it in 4.11