Would appreciate some help on doing some tasks with a server I have to
ship to the states today. The problem is I ain't got much time to do it!

Have configured users, volumes, licenses, drive mapping etc. no probs
there. Clients can log in.

1, Add a supervisor

Do you manually add a "supervisor" user and then set security is equal is
equal to admin. in NWADMIN ? (this is what i think but double checking.)

2, Have two NICs with IPX bound to them. I now need to add IP addresses to
them. I remember the old way of doing it with autoexec.ncf using Load and
Bind statements.

Have transferred them to the inetcfg tool but I can't seem to figure out
how to bind IP's to the two NICs with that program. Does it require
manually modding inetcfg.sys file or whatever in the sys/etc directory ?

3, With LACP aggregating enabled (teaming) is this protocol specific ?

Can you team IPX but keep IP's seperate or is this electronic - ie.
further down the OSI model.

Thanks for any help.