My slp setup is quite simple: 2 DAs and about 100 servers set statically to
hit the DAs. Client32 boxes are set to statically use the DAs as well.

Recently we have been running into huge slp multicast storms, mainly due to
the opening up of multicast for other apps and we have found a large number
of Mac's are coming out of the box with slp enabled and multicasting for

I have several servers die about once every week or so from slp.nlm sucking
up over a 1gb of ram trying to keep up with the requests.

I have no control over the workstations that put out,,nor the newtorking. So
I know I will not get any help there. My only option is putting a firewall
on the affected servers I believe.

So I need a quick refresher. The client32 boxes should only ever query the
DAs before and after login? And the other netware servers will only query
the DAs too right? I know edir uses slp to find some addresses-but if I
statically configured the DAs it should just query those right? I am hoping
I can get away with simply firewalling all slp traffic on a netware server
to the DAs. It will take me quite a long time with inetcfg, but if this
solves the issue. Thanks!