I need to move my CA from a NetWare 6 server to NetWare 6.5. The CA was
originally created under NetWare 5.1 so I therefore can not export the
private key of the self-signed CA cert. This means I can not move the CA.

TID 3618399 and TID 10065940 both say that "Note: The Certificate
Authority (CA) used by a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) will only be used
during the process of issuing certificates. This means services based on
existing user and server certificates issued by your tree CA will continue
to work after you deleted the CA."

So, why bother running PKDIAG if the existing certs will still work after
the CA was deleted and recreated? I figure I can delete the CA, recreate
on the 6.5 box and be done with it since the old certs will still
function. Or am I asking for trouble down the road? I realize there may
be occasion later to have to run PKDIAG and then I would see problems but
I figure I can deal with those as they come up.

Please let me know what you think.

Brown University