HI, i have been approached from another member of my team who wish to
migrate a whole departments data which is being held on a Windows 2000
server with active directory.

We are currently in the process of migrating all servers to our Netware
environemnt ..running Netware 6.5 servers...movin away from mixed
environement of w2k & Netware.

We have the problems where by there is a large amount of user
data/folders/sub-folders on the windows 2000 server which needs to be
copied over to our new Netware 6.5 servers RETAINING ALL PERMISSIONS AND
I do not now how we can do this...the rights to each of these folders is
causing allot problems with doin this task as people have said we may need
to do it as a manual job ...one by one assign rights to each folder as
they are copied to the netware server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated