Hi, all.
Some time ago, I post a message saying that we've had change the server
from a PIII 1Ghz/ 512 ram
with Netware 4.11 to a new P4 3.0 Ghz / 1 gb ram Netware 6.5.
I was talking about that old DOS applications we have yet ( clipper ),
were running slower than with
the old server and the visual applications are faster.
We also noticed that this is more notorious in the Windows stations
running dos applications than in the few
dos stations. Some people told me to deactivate the hyper threading in the
bios, but it happens that
this server has only one processor dual core, so this is not possible.

We have the new server installed with IP and IPX.

What could be the difference ?? Some problems with the protocols, with the
clients versions ?
We have stations with DOS, W98 and XP, only in XP, the old applications
runs same as before.