Hi Anders and others,

Anders Gustafsson while answering me said that
there are two instances of Apache server
in NW 6.5 :
"One adminserver one on port 2200 that is configured
through adminserv.conf and a general purpose one
in sys:apache2, configured by httpd.conf."

Well, neither runs. What I mean is that my browser shows
the known "the web page doesn't exist" message.

I have the adminserv.conf file, but I do not have
the httpd.conf file.

Obviously there is something wrong.

The Apache2.nlm is loaded.

What should I do to make the Apache show me the
Apache administrator's page ?

Maybe there is some way to reinstall Apache
and thus recreate the httpd.conf file
and make Apache run in both instances ?


Poland, Gdynia, 2007.06.21 ; 17:20