I have a Netware 6.5 SP6 server that I am trying to use HMS on. I cannot
seem to get it to work. The owcimomd.log file is shown below.

[11]Got Thread Cancelled Exception in HTTPSvrConnection::run()
[1]safeLibCreate::create failed getting function pointer
to "createProviderIFC" from library
[1]Unable to load ProviderIFC library libnpiprovifc.nlm
[1]NetWareAuthenticator: LDAP initialization complete
[1]dlSharedLibraryLoader::loadSharedLibrary dlopen returned NULL. Error
is: (dlfcn) No such symbol was found.
[1]CIMOM failed to load indication rep layer
library /system/cimom/lib/openwbem/libowindicationreplayer.nlm

I cannot locate the libowindicationreplayer.nlm file in the directory, on
the install CD, in the service pack, nor in the CIMOM update. Any
assistance will be appreciated.