We recently completed a migration of our active directory to our parents
AD which required a new domain name as well as user names. My NW6.5SP3
iManager server still opens fine, but my NW6.0SP5 gives me this error:
There was a problem starting the servlet:
The portal is unable to login: authenticate: [cn=pco,ou=Extend,O=LORCH] ::
javax.naming.CommunicationException::simple bind failed:
Most problems starting up are related to missing information in the
PortalServlet.properties file. If this is the second server you are
installing into the same eDirectory tree, please copy the
PortalServlet.properties file from another server to remedy the problem
(making sure to update IP addresses of settings to match the new server
such as the Custom_Backend_Renderer_Portal_Location setting). The
PortalServlet.properties file is generally found in webapps/nps/WEB-INF of
your web servlet directory
Not sure where to start trouble shooting. Could this be a problem with my
user name? Or certificates, domain name change, or something else?
The two PortalServlet.properties aren't even close, but is probably
because one is 6.5 and the other 6.0??

That is the correct IP number.