As an administrator, the salvage files utility is a god-send. I use this
regularly to restore accidental deletions and to recover previous versions
of a saved document...

Just recently, I have had very little luck salvaging anything usefull?
meaning, when I go to salvage, nothing is listed?

I used to be able to recover a document from a previous save, and normally
you would see several previous saves? So if a user opens a new Word
document, and saves it at 11am, and at 2pm, and 4pm, and maybe the next day
he does the same, you would normally see all these save's in the salvageable
files list, and would simply be able to recover a previous copy?

Can I assume that this is still the case, and I haven't had my eyes closed
for the last few months and patched the server with a "low functionality
service pack"?

Is somebody going to tell me it is down to low disk space perhaps?