This is no doubt a very elimentary question however I am not sure what the
result would be in terms of the server booting up. We are a school
environment where the Organisation has RF rights to the sys:public
directories on all our servers (4 OES 6.5 & 1 Netware 5.1). This has
always been the case with no problems however students are now exploring
the drives more and can see and run nwadmin dns/dhcp console etc.
They don't have rights to actually achieve anything using these utils but
I would rather they did not even run them.
I wondered if I can safely just move the subdirs win32 etc to a location
on sys: where everyone does not have RF rights by default. I guess I need
to know that a. the servers will boot up with no probs and b. that the
utils will work elsewhere.
Thanks in advance