I just started working for a new company with a very old network. I just
spent over a year as a novell admin for a school district. I'm pretty
good with console one and most things that go with running a server, but I
am in desperate need of assistance setting up a novell server. After
being the admin of a novell network, i realized that this would be the
perfect setup for my new job. I have spent a week trying to set up a new
server that mimics the one I worked on in the school district.

Here is what I am trying to recreate.

In the school.......we had one main server called PRIME.

Prime had 2 network cards. One that connected to the t1 line. And one
that connected to the internal network. PRIME acted as a firewall using i
believe border manager to filter the traffic from the external t1
networking card, to the internal networking card. PRIME assigned dhcp to
any client machines connected to the network and so on. PRIME acted as
our only server for internet, groupwise, and so on.

So far (considering I just started my first novell server this past week)
I have successfully figured out how to setup a dhcp server, setup
groupwise and got it to work internally.

More specifically my question is this.... Where do I have to go.....and
what do i have to do to make it so that i can have two networking cards in
a netware 6.5 server. One with an external connection to the internet...
we can just say this has an ip of and the internal network I
want to setup has an ip of How can this be achieved so the
server can not only forward the internet from the external to the
internal. but what settings will i need. Once I figure that out, i can
figure out how to install and configure bordermanager.

Thanks in advance for the help... I'll answer any questions anyone needs
to ask in order to help me.