Hello Everyone,

I have been tasked with setting up a test environment of our current
Novell 6 & GroupWise 6.5 environment. I am looking for suggestions and
tips on how to create a virtual machine test environment of our current
Novell tree including GroupWise 6.5.

Currently I've been thinking of building 2 VMware VM's, and joining them
to the existing tree in order to get the replica information copied to
them. Then I would remove those servers from the tree and isolate the
servers in a private network that can be used for testing purposes. I have
successfully built one of the VMs already and joined it to the tree, and
the server contains a read/write replica.

I am looking for advice and tips regarding how to setup the test
environment, and what I need to do before isolating the servers in a
private test network (do I need to remove or modify the replicas contained
on the servers?). Also I would like to know how I can get a copy of the
GroupWise information onto one of the servers within the test environment
(do I establish another PO on the test server?). I would like to have one
VM with Novell Open Enterprise Server 6.5 and another with Novell Netware
6. The Netware 6 server will run GroupWise 6.5 and the OES 6.5 server will
just be an additional server used for testing. I choose these operating
system versions in order to mirror our current environment as much as

The purpose of this test environment is for a migration to Microsoft
Active Directory and Exchange project my company is currently under
taking. I've been asked to create a test environment so we can test the
tools we'll be using for the migration process.

Any comments, tips, advice or otherwise will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time!

Jason Hindson