I have a Compaq ML370 G2 server using a HP Smart Array 5i controller.
I have six slots in the tower. I have a Raid 5 setup. Each hard drive
is identified as 18.2GB Ultra320 hard drive. I put in 5 disks one
time and then a 6th in later.

I wished to engage the latter when disk space became a necessity. Well
it did. I then grabbed a current version of SmartStart CD and brought
up SmartStart. It showed me that indeed there were 6 drives but it
showed me on logical drives 0, 1, 2 with LUN 0 and LUN 1 as Raid 5 and
yes Lun 2 as Raid 5. The total amount from those LUN listings were
roughly (52+GB, 16+GB, 16+GB) respectively = 84GB.

Now using rule of thumb, Raid 5 should be total drives minus (-) one
drive X drive capacity to be used for work space for volumes, etc. So
6 physical drives - one = 5 drives X 16+GB = 80+GB. Looking at my
voulmes I add up to 69.8+GB. It would appear that the last physical
drive is NOT included in system pool at all.

Questions I have are:

1. How might have that let's call 6th spare drive get pulled into the
array and
become Raid 5 identified?

2. Can I partition it and add it to a pool within NetWare?

I asked HP/Compaq and I got foolish answers, like NO it is normal to
lose the dirve to Raid 5. I really do not believe that, meaning two
drives lost to Raid activity management per se.

I did dump thru NetWare the config.nlm the contents of all things and
it showed

(v504-a0-do:2) HP Smart Array 5i Slot 0 ID 0 Lun 2
Unidentified Media

It showed the others as Partitioned media (DOS or NSS Partitions) that
is LUN 0 and Lun 1.

Console1 using Partition Disk Management, Media tab, Devices, I see
three devices 0x1 (partitions there, 50.86GB) 0x2 (partition there,
16.96) and 0x3 ( has message stating "This device does not appear to
have a partition valid partition label it must be initialized before
it can be used" and "Do you want to initialize now?"

I may already know to answer YES but wanted to hear from the most
knowledgeable group if they too would have heard of the questions I
have had and done the YES on the Console1 for partitioning?

After that what steps to increasing pool sizes.