I have a single tree with 2 NetWare 6.5 sp6 servers. Our users
authenticate and operate from [fileserver1]. Recently clients are
experiencing an issue on login where the login script appears to stop
while trying to map the network drives. The login script runs as far as
"you are attached to [fileserver1]" and will sit there for ever. The only
solution I can come up with is to re-boot the server [fileserver1]. I have
no default enabled in the script as the users do not map any drives to
sys, and the script is only there to map drives so it has no complicated

This was also happening pre- sp6 which I installed in the last fortnight.

[Fileserver1] is our main file server, it also runs GroupWise 7.02HP and
the associated agents.

[Fileserver2] runs Zenworks 7 and IDM3

The clients (w2k and XP) run a mix of Client 4.91 sp2 and 4.91 sp3 and it
is happening on both.

Any Ideas ?, as re-booting the server seems to be a bit drastic ?