have a nw 6.5 sp6 box and just added a new server to the tree,all went
well but the new server is now throwing up an Error C0001005 on server
the new server was placed into the same container as the existing
server in which also resides the novell cert lic. the server lic cert
had an assignment
to the first serverwhich i've removed and if i look at it it says that
units installed=1000, units in use=2 [orig server and new one] If i
look at units in use for this lic cert it lists both servers, i can
also see the nls_lsp_<server name> object for the 2 servers in nwadmin,
but i still get the Error C0001005 on the server console

this is wrecking my head as all looks fine, so any ideas are welcome