Came in today after restarting my servers last nite to find my printing (NDPS) not working. Checking the logger, found that httpstk was getting error 10022 when trying to load the expired certs. Seen this error before when Certs are messed up. found I could create certs no problem verifing CA good. Checking the SSL IP & DNS certs found the public key certs to be expired back in early June. (haven't had to restart in a while!) Found tid 10100262 and followed loose to recreate with max life and all's well. Upon further investigation found the other server certs are about to expire also! :^(
My questions are:

1. Is there any doc's that outline what each cert does, if anything?

2. Is there any doc's that contain info on what services (like NDPS and Apache) that actually use the certs?

Hope this makes sense.