I have a Netware 6.0 server that has among other things a database driven application. A few days ago I was alerted that a department was not able to get to their application. It turns out that the entire directory, about 8Gb of data was moved or deleted. It was found to be in the "Network Trash Folder", which I understand is a normally hidden folder that exists just for MACs. We do not have any Mac computers on the network. My guess is someone manually, though accidentally moved the folder there. I started copying the folder back, but when I saw how long it was taking, I decided a restore of the most recent backup would be faster. Everything eventually worked out ok with only a few hours of lost work.

The question though is, is there any way of telling what happened to the folder? Who moved it? I don't think it was an actual delete, since it should have gone into salvage if that is the case. How can I track who was logged in and had a hold of the folder at that time? Incidentally, the copy in the "Network Trash Folder" no longer exists. It seems to have disappeared once the server was rebooted.