Admittedly I think I may have done this in a very wrong manner...

A Second server was setup in our Tree as a AMP server for a simple
Intranet website. Something went wrong with the box(related to PHP and
MySQL upgrades) so we decided to re-do the server.
The server was a virtual machine under vmware. We grabbed the WEB vol off
to a workstation and built a new Netware AMP virtual server.

With the same name.

Nothing was done to the tree beforehand. The orginal instance of SERVER2
was not running.
The new instance is up and running but when I am in the Tree (nwadmin) I
see the VOL and the POOLs created as yellow circles with question marks.
I'm sure related to the fact I didn't think things through created a
server with the same name in the Tree.

What can I do to get the Volumes recognized properly and what should I
have done to facilitate the process of 're-doing' a server with the same