I have a nw65sp5 server crashed.

The abend log indicated to me server has page fault when executing
dprcnlm.nlm and ndpsm.nlm. Other abend ocasions related to server.nlm,
dsloader.nlm and loader.nlm. They are either CPU hogged or CPU process

The recent crashes today occurred when the startx loaded.

I rem out the comand startx in Autoexec.ncf but it still loaded up at the
booting process. Soon after the server crashed again.

How can I successfully to prevent the loading of startx or bypass its
loading at the startup process?

I think that some parts of the server have corrupted and would seek
suggestion whether it is good idea to

re-install nw65sp5 again in this server so as to overwrite any corrupted
upgraded to nw65sp6 rather to re-install nw65sp5.

Can I re-install nw65sp5 in this server which is already a nw65sp5 already.

I would appreciate it if you would give me a prompt response.