Good Afternoon,

I have been trying so fix a UCMGR error I have showing up in the Logger
Screen after a system startup. The error is as follows:

UCMGR-316: Serial number synchronization error. Files have been stamped
but the user count key file does not exist. If you have made a backup copy
of your user count key file (<plat>UCMGR.SYS), please restore it to the
database engine directory

I am running OES NetWare 6.5 sp6 ...

The file mentioned was non existent. So I thought I'd try taking one from
another server. After another startup, now I got a different error listed

UCMGR-315: Serial number synchronization error. The key file stamp number
does not match the stamp number in the other files

The only information I can find on both errors says:

The User Count Manager returns this message when the serial numbers in
Pervasive.SQL components do not match. Ensure that you installed
Pervasive.SQL correctly.

My next thought is to reinstall pervasive SQL, but I also don't want to
make things worse. Would that be recommended ?

Thank you,