I'm having problems with a nw6.5 sp6 server. This server has 2 sata
250gb drives that runs fine for sometimes 2 weeks, then it locks up. It
doesn't abend or show any errors, but you can't down it either. I've
been having problems trying to do a nss rebuild, sometimes it will only
go so far then just stop. This afternoon I was finally able to get nss
rebuild to complete and the server is up and going again. My problem is
trying to narrow down where the problem is, I've replaced everything in
the server except the drives, and I'm leaving that as a last resort,
meaning I'll have to reinstall everything. Is there any way to pinpoint
if one of the drives is going bad without having some kind of a hardware
failure error message? Any other things I should be looking at.
Sometimes when this server is booting and I'm having problems with it
coming back up is it will start loading nlm's and then just stop. It's
not the same nlm everytime, very random. Sometimes if it appears to
have completed the boot and you try to exit monitor, or the print server
it will just sit there doing nothing, again having to hard reset.

Thanks for your time,