We are running Netware 6.5 as a guest on a SLES 10 host running VMWare
Server. Time is provided by another Netware 6.5 box configured as a primary
(This server is not a vm) I understand that timesync is a problem on
virtual machines...time goes out of sync every few minutes and then comes
back in. All other non-vm Netware servers sync perfectly.

I found a TID that has an NLM to sync virtual servers time but it does not
work under VMWare. (2964094) :(

I have installed VMTools for Netware and there is a box that I can check
that will synchronize the time between the virtual machine and host, but it
does not appear to solve the problem.

Is there a "best practices" document for syncing time on virtual Netware
machines? Do I turn off configured time sources? Do I set the time
provider to the host machine?

Thanks for any help.