In NetWare 6.0 - CIFS was administered through console one via the CIFS tab on
the server properties page. This tab had the ATTACH page which allowed you to
specify which IP addresses CIFS binds to (default is all).

In NetWare 6.5 CIFS is administered through iManger - but I can't see anywhere
to specify IP addresses that CIFS binds to (i.e. the ATTACH page equivalent) -
am I missing something? How should I set this with NetWare 6.5SP6?

I believe I could use the -ATTACH option when loading CIFS.NLM - but don't
want to do that. If I use Console One from NW6.0SP4 - I can set this using the
ATTACH page against a NW6.5SP6 server - and it works. I assume it's a server
registry setting? CIFS.CFG is no longer used? Is a down-level Console One my
only option for this?

The IP Protocol management bit of Remote Manager looked promising - but only
listed NFAU (not CIFS) - and not editable at that.

(BTW - I have added a second IP address to the server using the "add secondary
IPAdresses x.x.x.x" command)