I have backups of the important data, so this is not the end of the
world, but...

I was going to move NetWare 6.5 to a new disk in the same server. What I
have done before was put a DOS partition on the new disk, copy
c:\nwserver and stuff to it, then mirror the nss partitions to it, then
remove the old disk from the mirror. Easy! (note: both old and new disks
are actually RIAD1 arrays, but they look like single disks)

Well, I booted to DRDOS and got mixed up as to which disk I was looking
at. DRDOS showed a 1GB DOS partition and I think a NetWare386 partition.
I deleted the latter, then realized that it was my SYS and VOL1! (I
thought it was leftover junk from something else I had used the other
disk for)

It seems to me that the partitions, pools, and volumes are still out
there, but NetWare won't find them. NSSMU shows no partitions other than

Is there a utility, free or commercial, that can fix the partition table
so I can see my volumes again? I have searched and found some that say
they will find the volumes and let you copy the data to somewhere else,
but that's not quite what I want to do. I just want SYS back so I can
boot the server and not have to go through the process of removing it
from the tree and starting over.

The only good thing in this is I used SCU to copy all the data files to
another server and changed the login script, so everyone is working
happily and don't know that I hosed a server!

--Matt B.