Ok, listed below is the current disk configuration of a NetWare 6.5 SP6

Partition - Big DOS; OS/2; Win95 Partition (1.98 GB)
Partition - NSS Partition (4 GB)
Pool - SYS (3.99 GB)
Volume - SYS (Space Quota: NONE)
Partition - NSS Partition (27.86 GB)
Pool - DATA (27.86 GB)
Volume - CACHE (Space Quota: 3.72 GB)
Volume - DATA (Space Quota: NONE)
Volume - VOL1 (Space Quota: 9.31 GB)

The two partitions were created from a Small Business Suite 6.5 Install.
The problem we're having now is that the SYS volume is running critically
low on space (about 100 MB free last time I checked). Since the (2) pools
contain all the free space on the disk, I am unable to "Expand" the pools
in Novell Remote Manager.

Also, the CACHE volume is for BorderManager 3.8 and it really shouldn't
have been created as an NSS volume. I wanted to recreate the CACHE volume
as a traditional NetWare volume instead (also a problem since there is no
free space to create a new partition).

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I should go about the 2 changes I
need to make to the current structure. Is it possible to make a complete
backup of the volume data, delete the partitions, recreate them, put the
data back, and actually have a functioning server? Or any other solutions
/ ideas you might have?

You're help is most appreciated--thank You,