Hello All,

I have a problem in the certificate for one of my servers.

The server name is COGGCLST3.cogg.local however when i try to access
iManager using https://coggclst3.cogg.local/nps I get a security alert
"The name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the
name of the site" When I view the certificate it is issues to
cogg-dc.cogg.local. (This is because I stuffed up when I first installed
the server - DOH)

I have tried using PKIDIAG to rectify this but it still shows up. The
certifictae validates OK and if I choose to proceed I can access iManager
without a problem. The pkidiag version is 2.70. This is a netware 6.5
sp5 server.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Adam.