I have a tree with two servers, a nw6sp5 and a nw6.5sp6.

With my netware 6sp5 server, I used to use C1 ver1.3.5 to select the user
and properities, and tab "Rights to files and folders" to assgin the file
trustee to a user. For batch assignment, I use rights command for

For the new netware 6.5sp6 server. Although the C1 ver 1.3.6f also
provides the same tab, it seems not working all the time. Sometimes it can
be set, sometime it can't. Have no idea when it can be done. Seems if I
first set the file trustee from the remote manager, then the setting of
file trustee from C1 for this user will work. Any problem for using the C1
1.3.6f to set the file trustee on a nw6.5sp6 server?

Is there any problem if I use a local copy "copy resides on the window XP
d: drive" of c1 1.3.5 to assign the file trustee on a nw6.5sp6 server?

Can I still use the Rights command for file trustee assignment on a
mw6.5sp6 server?